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Here is our last EP, Plain, recorded on may 1st, 2016. Recorded and mixed by Raphael Hazera. Design : Eric Chancelier Photo : Thomas Rossat-Mignod <a...

First album

We're really excited to announce that our first album is now available for downloads and that it's now fully playable for free just below ! We encourage you to share it as much as you can if you appreciate it... Note that our 12" LP will be soon available for orders ! Stay tuned !  


Two songs from our very first demo, recorded in november 2011. These are the only two songs from that session we still play on stage. As far as we remember, Sound to Be Heard From Mars was the first piece of music we composed together. Spiral Hill has changed a bit since that first session. A new, more powerful version will be available on our first album. This first demo was...